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I’m Steph Morris.




E ver since my parents took me and my siblings on incredible adventures around the world; from the most remote, Northern part of Canada to the rain forests of Costa Rica, there is no doubt this shaped my life and my desire to see the world. At 21 years old I moved to Australia, a country that I fell in love with and thought I would call home forever. After 3 years Down Under (2 years in Sydney and 1 year in Perth), it was time to move on and to experience a different part of the world. Circumstances change, people change and life takes you in a different direction…something that I am totally open to and I always go with whatever feels right. So I fell in love again, and this time it took me to the East Coast of the US and then a million other incredible places I was / am lucky enough to experience.

I make sure my life consists of chasing the sun, my dogs, incredible people, travel and work that I’m incredibly passionate about. I can honestly say I love my life. Now that doesn’t mean it’s without it’s challenges. But I see every obstacle, every challenge as an opportunity to learn and better myself. And I know there is a purpose in all that I experience.


What's important to you?

Here’s what’s important to me.



I am at my best when I take nothing for granted and put my heart into everything I do. Happiness comes from doing what I love and living a life of freedom.


I am at my best when I completely authentic and surround myself with people who are the same. I have a no BS approach to life and always speak the truth.


I am at my best when I maintain a healthy, balanced and stress-free lifestyle. When I am in balance, I am at my happiest.

These are my top 3 but it doesn’t end there…