This isn’t the first time I’ve got into blogging. Where are the other blogs you ask? They’re out there on the internet but they can just be a mystery for now.

How many times have you started something and not followed through? You give up, run out of time, become to busy, priorities changes. There are a million and one reasons why, and these were mine. Looking back, I realize it was never the right time.

I’ve started blogs for many different reasons, and they’ve always served a purpose. Were people reading my blogs? Nah, not really. But that’s ok. I was doing it for me, and then I I guess I no longer needed to do it for me so I stopped.

Why’s It Different Now?

Because I know I need to. I know I’m more than capable of writing a blog every week but I just haven’t been doing it. I need a challenge and I really need to stretch myself and this is my way of holding myself accountable for all areas of my life. Regardless of whether anyone reads this apart from my Mum & Dad, this is for me. I have things I want to achieve and this is the way it has to be.

I’m lucky enough to travel to some incredible places, meet some amazing people and do work that I absolutely love and I want to document my life so that I will never forget those incredible moments and memories.

When I travel I always take my camera, GoPro, drone and obviously have my iPhone..but honestly sometimes I have footage from months earlier just sitting on my camera that I never do anything with. And that’s really sad. OK, I literally just checked my drone SD card and I have footage from Feb 2017 on there….is that ridiculous or what!? All the gear and no idea..I feel like this couldn’t be more true.

I love taking photos, I love exploring and I love being creative….but without a real purpose behind it, I often don’t do anything with my footage, my creations and then, I sort of give up, or it just stops happening.

I know the things that I NEED to do and I know the things that I LOVE to do, so now it’s about putting all of the pieces together.

I’m great at setting myself goals, challenges and things I want to do. Sadly I’ve not been quite as great at following through on all of these things.

At the beginning of this year (2018) I started writing out my goals for the year, what I wanted to achieve and do throughout the year. I remembered that I had done this at the beginning of 2017 and thought I’d go back to see what I’d written (clearly I hadn’t looked at it in a long time). As soon as I saw the note (in Evernote) I laughed. Wow. Everything I had set out for 2018 was pretty much exactly what I had set out for 2017…and clearly hadn’t achieved, with one exception.  

“Get a Cavoodle puppy.”

Well I achieved that one…I did get a puppy, a Mini Goldendoodle pup called Lilo (even better).

My one achievement of 2017.

I couldn’t figure out whether to laugh or cry.

Whilst I felt disappointed, I also felt bad for feeling that way, because since getting my puppy my life had significantly changed. Although we already had dogs, getting Lilo was different. I started to question everything when it came to the dogs and I ended up learning so much: psychology, food, how to care for them best and that what the vet tells you isn’t always best. But the major thing I learned…is that there a lot of lessons we can learn from dogs and they are not so dissimilar to humans.

So after playing my little violin for a while (okay, maybe a long while) and looking back on 2017, I understood what it was all about.

The year was my teacher. I know that sounds totally cheesy but it’s the truth.

I learned a heck of a lot of lessons in 2017. I feel like 2017 was trial and error in some ways. Once I realized that, I totally accepted it. Of course the little voice in my head was screaming “FAILURE” but I knew it wasn’t true. I knew that 2017 served a purpose, to teach me a lot of lessons that I needed to learn for my future. Things that I had to experience to make me stronger, more knowledgable, more experienced and provide more clarity.

As much as I’m okay with that, I knew I could NOT let my 2019 goals be the same as my 2018 AND my 2017 goals, which is why we’re here. Last year happened exactly the way it was supposed to, but this year is going to be off the charts. I know that I’m going to have to do things I’ve never done before, push myself in big ways and create new ways of being. I have big ambitions, big dreams and big ideas…so I know I need to follow through and act in that way to create the outcomes I want.

It’s not about being hard on myself (I’ve spent too much time doing that in the past), I just need to hold myself accountable and this is the way I need to do it.

Ok, so let’s get to it.

What’s My 2018 Going To Look Like?

Blog once per week.

Okay so there should be 52 blogs of 2018 but considering I’m starting a month late (oops), I have a few to catch up on. This year is really about forming the habit and creating the consistency. My blog is likely going to be like my journal or my diary. And FYI I literally type out my thoughts, this is what the voice in my head sounds like.


Do at least 1 online course a month on photography or editing. I’ve had a Canon DSLR camera since 2012 and I’m a little embarrassed to say I still can barely use it….number 1 reason why = lack of consistency. I learn to do something really cool or find a great setting and then don’t use the camera for a while. So the next time I pick it up it’s back to square one. So this is the year when that all changes. As well as courses I’ll be challenging myself

Reply to everyone within 24 hours, on any form of communication.

First of all, let me just say I really dislike Facebook message and this is definitely where I am the slowest responder. Text, iMessage, Facebook, WhatsApp, Email as well as Instagram DMs, Twitter and every other platform that exists on my iPhone. Why do we have to have so communication platforms? I don’t want to be a communication scrooge but we’re all thinking it. However, I always think “Oh, I’ll reply to that later”, and then I think the same thing later and then the next day and so on. And then it’s like “Well, It’s already been 1 week, what’s another day?” And then it turns into some massive task that I literally dread and it’s a big, unnecessary energy suck. Not anymore. I’ve tried this before and “failed” but this time is different. I was called out a few months ago and I realized I was coming across a certain way that I did not like. My time is no more valuable than the friend or person that has messaged me, so get over it and respond to them (you can get a lot done in 24 hours).

Try 1 new recipe each week

I love cooking and especially love baking but I’ve been so slack recently. When I lived in Aus, I used to try multiple new recipes each week, so now I’m getting back into it. I have such a sweet tooth that I need healthy treats to satisfy me so I can avoid the bad stuff. Sunday is going to be me recipe day so I’ll bake, make or cook at least one thing each week.

Read 1 book a month

I love reading, but why don’t I ever do it? I think it’s a classic case of “I don’t have time” but I know this is a total BS excuse. I love expanding my knowledge, understanding different perspectives and oh that feeling of finishing a book…can’t beat it. But for some reason I struggle to make time for it. That said, I do listen to podcasts and audio books when walking or doing housework…but I go through phases of doing this. And also, there are some books that need to be read rather than listened to. So from now on, I have my book (or two) of the month sitting on my desk to serve as my reminder.

Do a half marathon by the end of the year.

This one makes me very nervous. First I need to do 10km (I’ve never run that far in my life!)…and before that I need to consistently run 5km. I sort of like running…but I’m the kind of runner that gets bored and then I get so over it and then I get pissed off and then I walk. So I feel like this will be a real mental challenge for me. I honestly NEVER wanted to do this…but by April this year 2 out of 3 of my older sisters will have completed a marathon (yes, they’re nuts) and my Dad has run all his life. So I guess I feel like I need to step up to the plate and prove to myself I can do it.

Go vegan for a month

This ones been on my list for well over a year and I’m yet to actually do it. I don’t eat a whole lot of meat and I’ve recently cut out dairy, but the meat I do eat;  chicken, turkey and fish, I love. For me, this is just about planning, preferably I need to do this during a month I’m mostly home to make life easier. I want to see how I find it and how I feel after the month because I’m totally open to changing my eating habits.

Cut out ALL sugar for a month

We all know that sugar is in practically EVERYTHING…I know this is going to be hard as sometimes I’m feeling lazy and put a quick meal together. So whenever I do this, I’m going to have to seriously plan ahead so I don’t cheat.

I’ve half-arsed tried this before but not been 100% in. This will force me to  try different types of cooking and baking and I can’t wait to see how I feel. Again I just need to figure out which month will be best.

Bucket List

  • Go skydiving – literally wanted to do this for YEARS and 2018 it is GOING TO HAPPEN
  • Go in a helicopter – yup never happen. Pretty sure when I’m in South Africa in May this will be checked off.
  • Clear my debt and actually start saving again!

My main overall goal is to be more comfortable in my own skin, not care what anyone else thinks and be more self expressed, feel the fittest and healthiest (mentally and physically) I’ve ever felt and know that I’ve given 1000% to every challenge and every task I’ve set myself.

This isn’t about being hard on myself, it’s about accountability. I know I’m more that capable of everything laid out above. It’s about committing and doing it. This year is my “get shit done” year. And ain’t nothing going to stop me.