The lessons you can find in almost everything you do. That’s if you are open to see them.

People say how you do one thing, is how you do everything. And I have to say I agree with this.

Over the Easter Weekend we went on a snowboarding trip to Vail, Colorado. Baring in mind that this would be the third time in my life I had been snowboarding, I had mixed feelings of excitement and apprehension.

The positive side of me knew that I’d have an amazing time and improve so much, but the negative little voice in my head was saying bad things and making me doubt myself.

I knew I had to learn from the past and that the number one most important thing that would determine my success on the slopes was my mindset. I’ve been there so many times before where my thoughts have got in the way and then that was the beginning of the end.

Your frame of mind is everything

Every day, every run, every time I got off a chair lift I was telling myself I could it, reminding myself that I will fall and that’s ok but that it doesn’t mean anything. Everyone says that if you’re not falling, you’re not learning.

In life, it’s easy to get frustrated when things aren’t going how you expected or maybe not as fast as you’d like. I struggle with this often, but I always remind myself that.

It’s about being better than you were yesterday

As long as you are continually, learning, improving and moving forward then that is a win.   And that is exactly what I was reminding myself whilst snowboarding. Sometimes you can’t feel the improvement but when you look back to a year ago, or as a beginner snowboarder, one day ago, the transformation is huge.

Fall down and get straight back up

On the slopes, every time I would fall, as soon as I hit the ground I said to myself “get back up, you can do it. Steph, you got this. I can do it and I’m going to do it well”, I found by doing this I didn’t allow the space for the negative Nancy part of my subscioncious to creep in and mess with my head. I kept repeating it myself and then I would get up and keep riding and within a few seconds be back in my stride.

Just as falling in snowboarding and skiing is part of the journey, so is it true in life and in business. You can’t expect to sail through the ocean without hitting a rough patch and once you understand and accept that is a necessary part of your journey, it suddenly become less scary. If you aren’t afraid of falling, or failing, then imagine how easy life would become.There would be nothing holding you back because you know even if the worst possible outcome imaginable happened, that you would get straight back up and keeep going.  Fall, get up, keep going and remember that you are capable of whatever it is that you put your mind to.