Heya, I'm Steph Morris!

Let's get intimate, shall we? Scroll down to discover who I am.


To help women experience the magic within their bodies and own who they are so that they can live a turned-on and turned-up life is my main jam.

Empowering women to live as their most confidence, empowered and untamed self, where they can feel like a Sex Queen one day, and a Worthy, Wealthy Woman who runs a successful business the next (or all within the same day) is what turns me on.

Why? Due to my own personal journey going from a burnt-out, disconnected, and hustle-obsessed woman to a multi-orgasmic Queen, I’ve experienced what can only be described as a complete 360′, or a full death and rebirth of who I once thought I knew myself to be into the woman I was always meant to me (the real me).

How? I had to stop spending all my time working with no balance in my life. All my relationships—friendships, romantic, family—suffered, and I lived life based on a To Do list instead of my true desires. I lived life IN my head and OUT of my body.

Now I am firmly in my body, at ease, and experiencing true flow. I want to help you do the same. To have balance, clarity on your desires, to have fun, adventure, spontaneity, to turn your To Do list into one that feels aligned to what is best for you, embrace your feminine energy, and feel empowered—this is where you find a deep sense of self-trust, acceptance, and self-love. 

Who am I without  all of this? A free-spirited, firey Pisces who is OBSESSED with her dogs, the ocean, her morning cacao and truly living the furck out of this magical experience called life, every single day. Creating magic from the mundane, experiencing extraordinary from the ordinary is what lights me up and turns me on. I run two businesses and split my time living between Toronto and Costa Rica.

My Approach

I’m pretty much obsessed with growth and am always challenging myself to get uncomfortable to become the best version of “me” every day, while also enjoying and being grateful for where I currently am, of course. This is where I want to meet you for your journey—to help you avoid some detours that I made and get straight to your own heart. I coach the way I live—I don’t overcomplicate anything, take a simplistic approach, have zero tolerance for bullshit, and don’t use fancy, long, complicated words or ideas. Together, we’ll trust our guts and follow our hearts toward your personal ease and flow.

My life mottos are:

It always takes longer than you think and it’s never as hard as you think, and Whatever you do, do it with all your heart.


So, How Did I Get Here?

In 2019 I reached a point of burnout where something had to change. I was working so hard every day, staying up late to finish work, my mind constantly racing. I couldn’t sleep. By the weekend, I’d need to spend an entire day in bed to recover. On Monday the cycle would start again.

Feeling weary on the daily made me fear that I was missing out on truly living. I wanted to connect more deeply with myself and discover who I really was outside of work, but had no idea how. 

At the start of 2020, I rebelled. I slowed the furck down.

Slowing down does not come easy to women, and I’m no exception. My journey began when I hired my first coach who opened a door to an entirely new world for me,  This changed me at my core and the trajectory of my life (for the better!) and that’s why I’m so passionate about helping other women do the same. 

It’s been a wild ride toward calm.

Steph Morris | Feminine Embodiment Coach

How I Work


Are you overdoing, overworking, and feeling burnout?  You might be showing up as fear, worrying about what people think, or feeling disconnected. I spent years looking for external things to help and to “fix me”, to become who I felt I was meant to be. I realised that all the answers, life decisions, and career moves were within me (ya know, covered up by numbing, escapism and, of course, scrolling).


As a certified Feminine Embodiment Coach through Jenna Wards, School of the Embodied Arts, I want to teach you how to find your own ease, growth, and balance.* It’s important to know that I’ll only ever coach and share what I’m embodying myself, here and now – and I personally wouldn’t hire a coach that wasn’t doing the same.


Certified in Breathwork & Meditation through The Academy of Breath, Breathwork through PAUSE breathwork and Love, Sex & Relationships through VITA as well my own daily devotion, continued learning and development and lived experience – my approach is unique and powerful.


*Disclaimer: If you click this link and sign up with Jenna, I will get a small affiliate commission for referring you.


my core Values



Ease is the lens that I run every personal and business decision through. Life can be challenging yet it can also be simple. Ease guides me to eliminate unnecessary stress and reactivity.


Take and give no BS, speak the truth, and stay surrounded with people who do the same. This authenticity gives space and support to encourage true growth. If we’re not growing, we’re dying.


Because we’re human BEings, not robots. Life is meant to be L-I-V-E-D, savored and enjoyed like a delicious meal. Sleep, movement and mastering my energy are my priority.