Do you crave Inner Calm, Peace, and to feel Deep Self Love?

Are you overdoing, overworking, and feeling burnout?  You might be showing up as fear, worrying about what people think, or feeling disconnected.

I spent years looking for external things to help and to “fix me”, to become who I felt I was meant to be. I realised that all the answers, life decisions, and career moves were within me (ya know, covered up by numbing, escapism and, of course, scrolling). Sounds easy? Not quite—enter thousands of dollars, as many hours on deep discovery, and energy. But it happened—that a-ha moment when I discovered myself on a deep level and started living life from a place of ease, growth, and balance. Because I’ve uncovered who I really am, I’m no longer hiding, am confident, and peaceful. Do you want that? If yes, then I’m the coach for you. 

A certified Feminine Embodiment Coach through Jenna Wards, School of the Embodied Arts, which in my eyes is a 10/10 certification, I want to teach you how to find your own ease, growth, and balance.* It’s important to know that I’ll only ever coach and share what I’m embodying myself, here and now – and I personally wouldn’t hire a coach that wasn’t doing the same.

Steph Morris | Feminine Embodiment Coach

1:1 Feminine Embodiment Coaching

Feminine Embodiment Coaching that’s intuitive, embodied, and personalized for you. You’ve done the mindset work, you’re into personal growth, but things just aren’t sticking and you still don’t feel truly connected to yourself at a deep level. I’ve been there. Together, we’ll take a wild ride toward calm. Balance, clarity, fun, comfort, and empowerment are the results when you embrace your feminine energy. I’ll coach you through it. We’ve got this!

Depth Session

60 Minute Session – $150

We’ll choose one area of your life or current struggle to work through in this 60 minute session, dropping into the depth of the body to discover what really lies beneath that fear, limiting belief or pattern and enter more into flow, calm and the truth of your wisdom at it’s core.  

Send me an email or DM on Instagram to book!

The Radiant Woman

3-Month Container – By Application Only

Working together over three months, we’ll form a partnership to go much deeper, release any frozen tension stored in your body, and bring you to flow. While deepening your connection to self, you’ll be loving yourself more than ever by the end. Each session is tailored to you, as we dive deep into what’s holding you back.

Reclaim Her Workshop

 $33 USD

Start creating more Ease & Flow in your life with this self-paced video series. Guidance toward self-love and self-trust that you can do (you might have guessed) anytime, anywhere. Learn tips, exercises, and daily practices that will only benefit you in all areas of your life. You deserve some space for you no matter where you are and what time it is. Take it.

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breathe. embody. + flow. Workshop

$22 USD per workshop

For some, Feminine Embodiment comes easiest when they have more than just their own energy in a space. It makes sense! Join me and a small group of other women for monthly workshops where we take time to drop into our bodies through breath work and embodied movement to really get into our self-love and self-trust. You’ll leave feeling calm, creative and connected! 

From the start of the first session, Stephanie made me feel very comfortable and safe to share and express myself. I always left the sessions feeling tuned in with myself because her techniques are very powerful and all about embodiment. Stephanie’s coaching style is very relaxing and impactful and if you’re looking for new tools to get in touch with all that’s within you then working with her will give you a big step forward! 

Marah - Dominican Republic

Steph, you are a gift and such a light. Your work is a wonder. I am so grateful for the clarity, confidence, power and more that you helped awaken within me. She radiates love and creates an immediate and complete feeling of trust and non-judgment. I highly recommend Stephanie if you’re looking to create a life that sets your soul on fire. Her work is magic. I felt that magic in just one session.

Sameera - Kuwait

 Steph’s calming nature helped me re-center when I was feeling scattered, high energy, and overwhelmingly unorganized. I wanted to gain more clarity surrounding my career path and confidence to trust myself and my abilities. Each session we worked through layers of my own anxieties (often things that were seemingly unrelated to my goals but in addressing the nagging issues it freed up space for clarity to emerge). In working with Steph, I’ve made more leaps in terms of money hurdles, self-confidence, abundance and imposter syndrome, than I could have on my own.

Jessica- USA

Steph has a kind, clarifying & powerful presence that is incredibly supportive. If you’re seeking a coach to help you get to the heart of your desires & actualize then in feminine fueled ways I’d highly recommend working with Steph.

Jenna Ward, Founder School of Embodied Arts

Steph is truly gifted in her ability to honor and hold space for whatever came up in my body or mind. I felt truly cared for and her level of presence is deeply calming and helped create a safe foundation for me to grow into a deeper understanding of myself. Steph will hold you and help you to unlock your feelings and what is in the way of that. I left my first session with Steph having discovered tools that I had all along, but couldn’t see, which helped me to change my relationship with my partner, my body, and my emotions. I appreciate Steph’s coaching style and would recommend her to any woman who wants to tap more into their unique feminine energy.

Dakota, USA

Working with Stephanie completely transformed my life. She helped me create more ease and flow in my life that I will be forever grateful for.

Maclovia - USA

*Disclaimer: If you click this link and sign up with Jenna, I will get a small affiliate commission for referring you.