Our minds are a frikking powerful part of our body but if this is where you’re spending all of your time, you’re missing out!

To think too much puts us in this dangerous and harmful loop of anxiety. To get off that loop, you need to remind your brain that you also have a body that’s living in the now. In that way it’s able to let the anxiety go, giving you ease. But let’s back up a minute. 

If you’re mind is racing, you’re constantly overthinking, experience brain fog, overwhelm, or that frazzled feeling, then you need a real break, and I’m not talking one of those breaks that you end of scrolling on Insta and suddenly 20 minutes have passed and you gotta get back to what you were doing before you took a “break” (guilty!).

Ready to unlock your full potential and start living life to the fullest? In this video training, we’ll explore four essential steps to stop working against your body and start slowing down.

Get out of your mind and into your body and I promise that you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your tired, overworked shoulders. Take these steps. It’s only five minutes. C’mon, I know you have five minutes. 

  • First off, set your space. Dim those lights, find somewhere comfortable to sit (ideally not your office chair), maybe light a candle or some incense. 
  • Set a timer on your phone for at least 5 minutes. (Tip, if you have an iPhone you can change your alarm sound to be waves lapping so you don’t get a rude interruption when the time is up).
  • Turn off your ringer, notifications and then put your phone out of sight.
  • Get comfortable and then close your eyes. Allow yourself to becoming fully present.
  • Start to bring awareness to your breathing. Without changing it, just start to notice and focus on your breath.
  • Scan your body and release any tension that you’re holding on to. Take a moment to relax your jaw, let your shoulders drop, release your belly, or any tension in  your lower back, neck, or legs. 
  • Continue to focus on your breath. On the inhale and then the exhale—do this until your timer tells you to stop. 

If you’d rather be guided through this, grab my free Embodiment Mini-Course to get the audio practice. It’s just 5 minutes and is perfect for a quick work break, in between calls, or when you just need a damn break that gets your eyes off screens.

Focus that mind of yours on your body for a real break. 

Did you do it? How was it? Send me a DM over on Instagram and let me know.

Let’s get some ease into your day. 

Steph xo