Embodiment: that seems like it has something to do with the body, movement, holding space, but you’re not quite sure. Neither was I at one point. But I got curious and now I’m in deep! 

Let me tell you why.

But before we can dive into what Feminine Embodiment Coaching is, we first must understand what “embodiment” really is and what we mean by “feminine”.

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Essentially it is “inhabiting self.” Basically, it’s allowing the most powerful and sincere version of yourself (i.e. who you actually already are) to occupy your body and being.

There are people who feel incredibly connected and also people who feel disconnected from ‘self’, and that is down to the degree of sensitivity they have within their body.

Being embodied is not always easy to do. It’s a skill that many of us have forgotten, although every single one of us was born with it.

Have you ever been driving your car and you turn up the music really LOUD? You’ve forgotten to put your seatbelt on and the warning sign is furiously beeping and trying to alert you, but you don’t notice it because your awareness is on the music (and hopefully the road). Then the music stops and suddenly it’s silent and you hear the beeping (which is pretty annoying) and you quickly put your seatbelt on.

Now think about this within the context of your body. Have you ever ignored a little warning sign that’s gone off within your body? I know I have!

Most people are so attuned to the external that they don’t experience the subtleties and sensations that are alive within them. Social media, Netflix, work, and relationships mean we get caught up in this constant state of responding to those. When we live this way we don’t experience the truth within us and aren’t fully tapped into our own internal world.

As a society, we’re pretty disconnected from our bodies but it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s a skill. You can learn it. This is good news! You can re-attune to your own internal world with awareness and practice.

Embodiment is not a box that you can tick. You are, at all times, embodied to a degree. Of course, you can always go deeper but being more dis-embodied than embodied does not make you less valuable, successful, or worthy (and you are certainly not broken).

So what is Feminine Embodiment?

As I talk about “feminine” it’s important to distinguish that I’m not talking about being a female. It’s actually in reference to the masculine and feminine energies that are present within every human, regardless of gender. Women are not only feminine and men not only masculine. Every individual contains both.

For simplicity’s sake, the feminine can be described as flow and the masculine as go.


  • Flow
  • Embellishing and magnifying radiance, beauty, and energy
  • Receptive, internal, fluidity and intuition
  • Capable of creation and giving new life (we see this represented in Mother Nature)
  • Constantly changing, dynamic, evolving


  • Go
  • Deep purpose and vision
  • Clarity of purpose, direction, and putting it all on the line
  • Structured and logical
  • Competition

(Note, this is barely even scratching the surface on the feminine and masculine energies. I have only touched on it for the context of this post.)

Now is a hyper-masculine time and a lot of qualities associated with the masculine are encouraged and celebrated and feminine qualities have been seen as weak and are not so celebrated.

This brings us to Feminine Embodiment. To allow women to develop their feminine energy so that we are in balance with both masculine and feminine energies—there is beauty and power in that balance.

Why does it matter?

For a lot of women, we unknowingly live in a hyper-masculine state. I was living in it, and here’s what it looked like for me: hustle mode, working long hours, living by my to-do list, fast-paced tempo, tapped out of my emotions. All of this manifested in relationship problems with my partner, feeling exhausted, stressed and burned out, snapping at the people around me, feeling out of balance and disconnected from myself. (Sounds familiar? It might.) I didn’t know any different and my life wasn’t by any means bad. I just wanted more and to feel energized but I didn’t know how.

When I learned about the masculine and feminine energies and began working with a coach myself, it’s like I opened a door to a whole new world. Once I experienced this way of being, there was no going back (more on my story another day—stay tuned).

There are sooooo many benefits of embodiment, to being connected to our feminine energy, too many to even mention in one post, but here’s what I’ve personally experienced:

  • More creativity 
  • Less stress
  • Feel more ease 
  • Expanded capacity to feel (allll the things)
  • Feeling more in alignment 
  • Increased pleasure (in daily life, not talking about sex)
  • Healthier boundaries 
  • Fully self-expressed and comfortable with who I am

It’s important to note that embracing our feminine does not mean our life will go to shit. The idea that feminine energy is weak is wrong, plain and simple. Life will not be more chaotic, you don’t need to wear floaty dresses and smell like roses (unless you’re into that)—far from it. It has nothing to do with how feminine energy looks or the expectations we attach to the idea of “feminine.” It’s about the core feeling, which will be different for every single person.

This might sound complicated, but it really isn’t. In fact, it’s already inside you.

Enter Feminine Embodiment Coaching: this is where I come in!

Have you ever felt anger or rage within your body? I’m sure you have, we are human after all. But it is not so socially acceptable to display these emotions, especially if you’re a women. So a lot of people suppress this, feel shameful or label it as wrong. It’s much easier to embrace happiness and joy and see this as positive.

Have you ever looked at a part of your body with disgust and desperately wished it was different, perhaps smaller or like someone else’s? I’d take a guess that most women can say yes to this. I know I can! When we label a part of ourselves as ‘wrong’  (whether physical, or emotional) it then becomes ‘not good enough’.

When we tell ourselves it’s not okay to be, do say or experience this thing, we aren’t allowing our deepest natural instinct to express itself to completion. Enter the shame/ pain cycle. To avoid this we usually go to numbing as a way to distract and dissociate with what is really going on within our body.

Just for a second, let’s take a break. I know the first time I learned that all this about myself was common in so many women, it was a bit overwhelming. I’m here with that. Maybe take a breath, check in with your body, shake it off, and let’s continue together.

By not allowing and welcoming all parts of ourselves, including the uncomfortable we are blocking the flow and the feminine gifts that come with it, this blocks out the feeling.

In Feminine Embodiment Coaching we are allowing space to drop into the body, for allowing all feelings and emotions to be felt within the body, including the uncomfortable, as once they can be felt and expressed they can be completed, allowing that flow back into the body.

Through Feminine Embodiment Coaching we are presenting you to the sensations that exist within you, so that you become more attuned to you, what you need, feel and what your truth is. I give you space to get out of your mind and into your body, time to be in more of the ‘being’ than ‘doing’ space. For you to be fully expressed in a safe container and to know what exists beneath what you’re currently experiencing is what we can accomplish.

Sounds good to you? Learn more here.

Until next time, enjoy your wild ride to calm xo