Sexual wellness is the focus on your sexuality, sexual desire and sexual health as an essential indicator of overall health and wellness. Physical health through nutrition and movement is usually at the top of every woman’s list of determining health factors, and now thanks to the widespread of information on social media and the breaking of barriers to previously “hush-hush” or taboo topics, sexual wellness is being seen as an equally important health determiner in a woman’s life and part of her regular self-care. According to research the sexual wellness market size was valued at $77 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $112 Billion by 2030.

Ready to unlock your full potential and start living life to the fullest? In this video training, we’ll explore four essential steps to stop working against your body and start slowing down.

Here are 5 sexual wellness trends you’ll want to explore in 2023.

1. Embodied and Energetic Sex

Experiencing sex in a whole new way is possible when you get out of your busy mind and into your physical, emotional and energetic bodies. Breathwork is the number one tool that gets you out of your head and into your body and supports cultivating a deep connection with your body, is a recipe for deepening your feeling of safety, and ability to surrender to pleasure and have a deep and powerful orgasm. Have you ever tried to force an orgasm with a vibrator and it feels so anti-climatic? That can be a result of being in your head and bypassing your body’s natural rhythm to force an outcome.

Breathwork is a powerful embodiment practice that sensitizes your whole system and will open you up to feeling a deeper connection, more pleasure and getting into the state of surrender to experience a deep orgasm. Taking 5 minutes to do a connected breath in and out through your mouth (either alone or with your partner) will get your body warmed up and the mind to quiet before getting into intimacy. Doing this consistently will transform your sexual experience.

2. Sensory Orgasms

Sensuality is separate from sexuality yet so often overlooked due to societal conditioning of the quick-fix orgasm (with a partner or with your trusty vibrator). By slowing down and bringing in different textures, flavors, smells, temperatures, speeds, and music, you allow yourself to get the mood and warmed up and your body slowly starts to open up. Engaging your senses and savoring in the experience gets you into your body and turned on before you’ve even moved into any sexual activity. This is essential for women as the average time it takes for a woman to warm up and get turned on is between 20 and 40 minutes. Your body has to be a full yes before you move into any sexual stimulation, a very important factor in determining whether an orgasm occurs. Light a candle, play some sensual music, and get some essential oils and some toys to weave in your senses, turning yourself on before you even get into the sexual touch. This is powerful to reattune to your internal world, form a deeper connection with your body and enhance your pleasure experience, filling up your cup of sexual wellness and health.

3. Expanding into different types of orgasms

It’s likely that you’re familiar with a clitoral orgasm, right? But did you know that is one of many different types of orgasms you have access to experience in your body, such as the g-spot orgasm, cervical orgasm, nipple-gasm and energy-gasm. You have access to such an expansive range and depth of pleasure in your body and we’re seeing an increasing number of sustainable, spiritual and safe sexual wellness companies producing toys, wands and practices for you to explore yourself. This is a trend that’s moving away from the fast-paced, quick-fix nature of our society and requires slowing down, tapping in and savouring every sensation to reach these new levels of bliss.

4. Reclaiming Your Own Pleasure & Dating Yourself

A reclamation is happening where women are taking their power back over their femininity, pleasure and sexuality, releasing generations of sexual shame and allowing themselves to meet their own needs and desires first. This is empowering for women and totally shifts the dynamic as they move into partnership from a powerful place of desire rather than codependency and need.

Women need emotional and physical intimacy before opening up to sexual intimacy, just like when you’re going out on a first date, you need to get to know each other and warm up to one another first – the same goes for your relationship with yourself.

Grab your journal and dive into these prompts for yourself, plan regular date time with yourself and start romanticizing your life, allowing yourself to meet your own needs and self-sourcing your own pleasure.

  • What turns you on?
  • What turns you off?
  • What gets you in the mood the most?
  • What is your favorite body part to be touched
  • What is your dream date?
  • What is your biggest fear?

5. Emotional Intimacy Before Sexual Intimacy

What does this have to do with sex? Everything! As a society, we’ve normalized numbing ourselves through overworking, scrolling, and drinking alcohol, as a way to deal with our busy and stressful lives. Numbing ourselves causes further disconnection in the body and means when big, stressful events occur, like a breakup, death in the family, or some form of trauma, we likely won’t have the tools to process them or heal the emotions in our body. What happens to those emotions? They get lodged in our bodies like little blocks of frozen ice which can lead to more stress and anxiety in the body. The biggest gift we can gift ourselves is to learn to process our emotions and trauma so that they no longer live in our body, this means we’ll develop a deeper capacity for feeling in our body. Yes, we have to feel the pain to release it but that also means an expanded capacity for experiencing pleasure.

Experiencing pain during sex, feeling numb inside, struggling to feel pleasure, and having difficulty orgasming can be an indicator that there is some deep emotional healing to be explored in the body (note: it is worth having anything medical ruled out first or seeking support, especially if you have experienced trauma). Everything is so interconnected within the human body and this piece is often not considered by many yet it can be the missing piece for women desiring to experience more sexual desire and orgasms in their life.

In conclusion, the sexual wellness market is growing and women are increasingly recognizing the importance of sexual health as part of overall wellness. Let 2023 be the year that you break out of the taboo mold that society has put you into and give yourself full permission to focus on your sexual wellness. If embodied and energetic sex, sensory orgasms, expanding into different types of orgasms, reclaiming your own pleasure and dating yourself sound like something you’re ready to dive into, then you’ll love my program Sex Queen. Put in your applic